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Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview 2016-17

Autumn Term Overview

The Autumn History theme will begin with a whole school focus on an object from each year group’s historical era. The whole school question will be ‘What does …. tell us about …. era?’ At the end of the first half term we will have a ‘Museum’ presentation for parents to share children’s learning from the artefact and about the era. The Autumn term will have a Maths week with parents invited in for workshops, presentations and to observe teaching.

Pedagogical focus – learning behaviours and metacognition Historical Object Core Value – Trust History Era 1 History Era 2 Core Value – Courage

Foundation My special object Me & My Family/Prehistoric Britain –

Year 1 Wooden Toys Houses and Homes over time Toys over time

Year 2 Quill & Inkpot Victorians Great Fire of London

Year 3 Sutton Hoo Helmet Stone Age to Iron Age Anglo Saxons

Year 4 Shield & Armour Vikings Romans

Year 5 Tutankhamun’s Mask Aztecs Egyptians

Year 6 Evacuee Suitcase Modern History since 1950 World War 2

Spring Term Overview

This year, our Spring term will be a whole school theme based around a Shakespeare play. The aim will be to produce our own production of the play with each year group acting out a different section from an adapted text aimed at children. Each year group will then contribute to producing props for the production which will be the DT focus for the term. The whole school question will be, ‘How is a play produced?’ The Spring term will have an English week to coincide with world book day with parents invited in for workshops, presentations and to observe teaching.

Pedagogical focus – collaborative learning Shakespeare Focus Midsummer Night’s Dream (minus the inappropriate scene!) Core Value – Perseverance DT Focus Core Value – Respect

Foundation Midsummer Night’s Dream Fairy Crowns

Year 1 Midsummer Night’s Dream Head-dresses & Wings

Year 2 Midsummer Night’s Dream Fabric Flowers

Year 3 Midsummer Night’s Dream Moving Shadow Puppets

Year 4 Midsummer Night’s Dream Projector Backdrops

Year 5 Midsummer Night’s Dream Stage Statues

Year 6 Midsummer Night’s Dream Fabric Moving Backdrop

Summer Term Overview

Our Summer term will have a Geographical focus. The whole school question will be ‘What is it like to live in….?’ The first half term will focus on the physical and human and features of the country to be studied and the second half term will focus on the art, music, food and culture of the country. In both cases, these should be compared to our own locality and the UK in a wider context. Year 2 will study the UK and Year 5 will study a contrasting UK locality. As in previous years, this term will conclude with a performing arts festival.

Pedagogical focus – questioning & dialogue

                                                       Country  (Core Values – Responsibility / Hope)



Year 1


Year 2

The UK

Year 3


Year 4


Year 5

Contrasting UK Locality

Year 6


Personal, Social, Health & Emotional (PSHE) education also forms an integral part of our curriculum.
Click here for the PSHE Timetable 2015 – 2016



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