Healthy Living Week/Sports Day

Week commencing 18 June was Notley Green's Healthy Living Week. This year the children participated in a variety of sporting activities including martial arts, tennis, cricket, basketball, dodgeball, football, footsall, Team building games, Bootcamp and Squash. A  huge thank you to the outside organisations who gave up their time to support us in hosting such an enjoyable week and enabling the children to become inspired and take part in new sporting opportunities. An additional thank you to 'The Nike Community Outreach' who gave us two athletes each day to run a sporting session for our children.

The Tesco Farm to Fork initiative also ran workshops for each year group during the week. They investigated the amount of sugar cubes found in popular drinks and cereals.  They then discussed and created healthy alternatives. Thank you to Vicky Greenwood and her colleagues at Tesco for running such an engaging workshop and also for contributing some fresh produce to allow each year group to make the following:
Duck and Rabbits: Fruit Kebabs
Year 1: Fruity Flapjack
Year 2: Banana Lollies
Year 3: Wholemeal English muffin pizzas
Year 4: Raspberry and Lemon muffins
Year 5: Rainbow Couscous 
Year 6: Greek Pasta salad.
As well as discussing the nutritional value of these recipes, it also allowed the children to learn and practise a variety of cooking skills including safe cutting, peeling, mixing and baking.
To fit in with our Healthy Living Week, Tuesday 19 June was Notley Green's Annual Sports Day. Yet again the children were enthused and engaged in each event, displaying many of our school core values. It was brilliant to see a great display of team spirit and sportsmanship throughout the day. A big congratulations to the winning team 'Simmonds'. Thank you to all that came to support our young athletes and to the FONGS for providing our children with ice pops and refreshments to our spectators keeping everybody cool.

A big thank you goes to all the parents, grandparents and carers for supporting the children at this annual event.