Providing a first class education for our children is our core purpose. Such education is provided through the curriculum. Traditionally, the curriculum is seen as a progressive, purposeful course of study and learning to achieve key learning outcomes. However, CHANGE Schools Partnership believe that the curriculum also extends beyond this – the curriculum in our schools is everything that our pupils experience including the school and classroom environment, their interactions with staff and pupils and the quality of the daily pedagogy used in the delivery of a course of study.

Our focus is to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that takes into consideration the overall requirements of the National Curriculum (2014). We recognise the increasing need to develop children’s skills exploring and using a range of technology and media as lives are lived on an international platform with international interconnectivity. Our aim though is to go further and provide an education that supports children’s holistic development – academically, intellectually and culturally; socially and emotionally; physically and spiritually.

Core Curriculum

  • The key skills of literacy and numeracy
  • A range of learning experiences through science and technology; the arts; humanities (including a modern foreign language) and physical education which is progression of skills within these subject areas.
  • Religious Education
  • Personal, Social and Health Education

Key Learning Skills


  • Information processing and evaluation
  • Reasoning and enquiry
  • Creative thinking
  • Problem solving


  • Speaking and listening
  • Writing
  • Visual


  • Improving own learning and performance
  • Developing a sense of self-worth and understanding of self and others
  • Developing independence and responsibility
  • Learning with others


We seek to provide an inclusive curriculum either as a whole school, across year groups or within classes, that offers ‘learning without ceilings’; rigour and challenge; enjoyment, engagement and enrichment, through the acquisition of knowledge, skills and behaviours. This includes a range of opportunities that further our aims via extra-curricular and enhancement activities where children are provided with the opportunity to enrich their learning further.

The Culture of Learning

In all that we do we seek to promote a learning culture that demonstrates:

  • high expectations
  • challenge & support
  • flexibility & inclusivity
  • openness & trust
  • valuing everyone
  • risk taking, innovation & creativity
  • collaboration & community
  • celebration & pride

Throughout our learning journeys in a variety of subject areas, we aim to move children’s understanding from the shallow to the profound so that all children can demonstrate mastery in their understanding.