Extra-curricular Clubs

At Notley Green, we are delighted to be able to offer an extensive range of Extra-curricular Clubs.  All our clubs are run by our HLTAs/LSAs.  These clubs are offered at minimal cost per child and run for a full term.

Information is sent out regarding new clubs at the start of the Academic Year and at the start of the Spring and Summer terms.    Our clubs are very popular with our pupils therefore a quick response to the information sent out is suggested.

The clubs for Spring 2018 are as follows:

Cross Country - led by Miss Cowell and Miss Wild

Spanish - led by Mrs G Forconesi

Paper Plates - led by Mrs L Barry

Recorders - led by Mrs P Lewis

Cheerleading - led by Miss Bowman

Arts and Crafts - led by Mrs T Riches/Mrs E Gribbin

Cookery - led by Mrs L Foster

Gardening - led by Ms W Haxell/Mrs E Billingsley

Choir - led by Mrs P Lewis

Multisports - led by Miss L Cowell

Orchestra - Led by Mrs P Lewis

All clubs, other than the Orchestra, take place from 3:15 to 4:15pm (Cookery till 4:30pm).  The Orchestra takes place on a Friday lunch-time.