Introduction to CHANGE


Our Organisation’s Vision:

To develop a sustainable, growing organisation that is based upon mutual partnership and shared values to ensure that all children within the Partnership get the best possible provision leading to the best possible educational and wider outcomes.

Our Organisation’s Values:

  • ASPIRATION – having a culture of high aspirations and expectations for children, staff and the learning environment.
  • POSITIVITY – having a growth, ‘can do’ mindset in all that we do.
  • COURAGE – being prepared to take calculated risks in order to be innovative and bring about the best outcomes for children.
  • COLLABORATION – working together to capitalise on our shared capacity whether this is resources or expertise in order to bring about best value for money and facilitate rapid school improvement and development.
  • FULFILMENT – having a commitment to excellence and enjoyment that enables our children to develop a life-long love of learning and equips them with the knowledge, skills and attitudes that prepares them extremely well for their next stage of education.
  • GROWTH – through our structures, systems and strategies to prepare and seize the opportunities to grow the Partnership so that more children benefit from excellent provision.

Key Organisation’s Principles:

  • We will keep our children safe, secure and cared for;
  • We will aim to provide first-rate teaching in all lessons and strive for excellence in everything that we do;
  • We will ensure that high standards in English and Mathematics are at the heart of a broad and exciting curriculum;
  • We will value children’s creativity and individuality, and listen attentively to their views, opinions and feelings;
  • We will support children’s holistic development and work hard to overcome barriers and build their self-belief and self-confidence;
  • We will ensure that children leave primary education ready, willing and able to successfully take the next step in their learning and the next step in their lives.